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But first, a little re-cap:

By earlier articles we have revealed that you need Whatsapp Marketing Software and Whatsapp Channels before you can run a successful Whatsapp Marketing Campaign for your business. Basically, both of these Whatsapp Marketing Solutions are great tools that work hand in hand so that you could start sending promotional messages to your target/ prospect and existing clients. Our Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software is best paired with our high quality Whatsapp Channels/ Senders so you could get started with connecting with other Whatsapp users without much fuss.

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Whatsapp is the best online platform that most marketers use to send out messages because of the chat messaging’s many advantages compared to SMS messaging. Listed below are the reasons why Whatsapp is better than text messaging:

  1. You can compose and send messages that are longer than 160 characters unlike in SMS Messaging.
  2. You can connect with other Whatsapp users regardless wherever they are in the world without paying additional cost.
  3. Unlike SMS Messaging, you can compose and send messages with text, image, audio, video, Vcard and GPS based files. You may even compose and send messages with combination of the aforementioned formats.  

Change: the only constant thing in the world

Isn’t that ironic? Change, as what many had mentioned, is the only constant thing in the world. It is obvious. One look at how people dress today as compared to people during the 70’s would definitely tell you that “change” is apparent. Very little in this world rarely change; such as the earth still revolves around the sun and most of us still sleeps at night.

This phenomenon could be related to business too. Many businesses, whether big or small, will continually find ways on how to adapt to the ever changing dynamics of the market. Especially on matters of “demand”, very little change is being applied to the product itself but more on how we market them. What works years ago might not work today. When you want to market your goods and services effectively, you need to consider the right tool that would expedite that.

Many business owners and professionals are now utilizing different kinds of Whatsapp Marketing Software & Tools because of the fast turn out of Whatsapp Marketing in terms of successfully marketing the products and services of any company. Many bulk Whatsapp Blast Softwares are being developed by many Whatsapp Marketing Companies to help address the needs of business owners and professionals in their aim to connect with their prospects and clients.

The different Whatsapp Marketing Softwares that we offered over the years were constantly being developed even up to this point to further help our clients gain better control over their marketing campaigns.

Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software

Because we feel your pain on how difficult it is to connect with your audience as well as your struggle in prolonging the life of your Whatsapp Channels, we have developed a Bulk Whatsapp Software that will enable you to send multitude of messages in Whatsapp in just few touches of a button! This Whatsapp Bulk  Marketing Software will help you better scale all your Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns without having to use your mobile app.

Benefits of using this software:

  1. You can globally access any Whatsapp number
    Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software allows you to reach out to any other whatsapp user at whatever part of the world. This will improve your chances of attracting clients to buy and avail of your company products and services!
  2. Gives you the ability to send audio, videos and images through WhatsApp
    This Whatsapp Bulk Marketing software affords you greater creativity where you can compose a compelling Whatsapp Marketing campaign to better attract your potential clients. As Whatsapp enables its users to send messages with text, audio, image and video, you can now better showcase your creativity in communicating your Marketing campaign to your audience.
  3. Receive WhatsApp Replies
    This feature allows you to monitor and compare what Marketing campaign works better than the others through the kind of response that you will get through this Bulk Whatsapp software.
  4. Automated Marketing
    Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software allows you to automate your messages which will allow you greater control of your time. Program your Whatsapp Marketing campaigns periodically and let the software do the rest of the work!
  5. More economical
    Our Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software will help you save money from doing away with other costly marketing strategies. Stop spending precious money over SMS Messaging and download Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software and start now!
    Why choose Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software over other Whatsapp Marketing Solutions available or being offered in the market?
    We acknowledge the existing competition between Whatsapp Marketing companies like ours in the industry. But what sets us apart from them is our ability to recognize your need of the perfect Whatsapp Marketing Software that will specifically address your requirements. Aside from that, we also provide database support that meets your geographical preference. That way, not only will you have a tool that enable you to send multitude of Whatsapp messages but also have the database of numbers you could send those messages to.

Why we are the most trusted Whatsapp Marketing Provider nowadays

We are dedicated to provide you with high quality Whatsapp Marketing Software and other Solutions so you can attain success in Whatsapp Marketing. All our high quality Whatsapp Marketing Solutions such as our bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software are all reasonably priced plus we provide database and other additional support. Other Whatsapp Marketing companies either charged so high or else doesn’t provide after sales support. We do.

So if you’re aiming to apply Whatsapp Marketing in your business, there’s no better alternative than to come to the best source of Whatsapp Blast Software and other Solutions available. Contact us now by filling up the form provided below or contact any through the details cited below.

About Whatsapp

If you’re still doubtful about Whatsapp as the most effective tool to connect with others, then doubt no more. Aside from being one of the pioneering chat messaging application in the world, Whatsapp is also the most popular. With 990 million user base worldwide, Whatsapp is definitely not showing signs of getting obsolete.

Fun fact

Whatsapp started out as a simple messaging app for mobile on 2009 and it was named the way it is by developers Jan Koum and Brian Acton (which by the way were former employees of Yahoo!) because it sounded like “Whats up?” The app had a rough start but it gained momentum at latter part of the year. That same year, Whatsapp switched from free to a paid service to prevent being overrun by users primarily because of the cost of having to send verification codes to new users. Two years after the app was developed and launched, it landed as one of the top 20 apps in Apple’s US App store. By late January 2015, Whatsapp Web (Whatsapp for PC) was launched.

The clincher

Whatsapp become an established success in the field of making communications better. However, it doesn’t allow commercial use and even imposed a 300-messages-per day per user policy. That created a huge disappointment for many merchants who wished to reach a huge number of audiences for their business. But people are smart so they began creating software that basically by-pass the 300-messages per day restriction. We are one of those smart people. We developed Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Software to address the many problems that merchants like you face in terms of connecting with your audience.

As mentioned earlier, we are not any ordinary Whatsapp Marketing Provider. We provide more value by offering you not only the right Whatsapp Blast Software for your business but we would also provide you excellent support such as a database that you could use to send out your broadcast messages. As our client, we would provide you instant support when you avail of our products and services.

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