August 31, 2016

Bulk WhatsApp Reseller Plans

If you are a business owner, manager, marketer or professional who have caught on the latest trend on marketing, you have likely realized the importance of having Bulk Whatsapp marketing tools and software in your system of business. And you have likely landed on this website because like hundreds of businessman out there, you have proven for yourself that our products and services is the best among the rest in terms of efficacy and reliability. And most important of all, you have likely landed on this website in the hopes of furthering up your business through reselling the various Bulk Whatsapp Reseller Packages, Bulk Whatsapp Reseller Plans or Bulk Reseller services that we are offering. If you find yourself agreeing to the foregoing statements, then you have come to the right place!

We are glad to announce that our company decided to share this news to all Bulk SMS Marketing companies, Online Marketing Agencies, and other similar advertising & marketing agencies out there who wished to become a reseller of our various Bulk Whatsapp marketing tools and software. As a reseller, you will gain various perks and benefits associated with being an active user and partaker of our wonderful products and services.

But however much we would like to make this opportunity available for everybody, our team decided to limit this extension of power to those select companies who is worthy of becoming a reseller of our products and services. If you deemed your company is worth our trust and confidence, please fill up the missing fields on the form provided below.

But before that, allow me to impart to you the importance of why you need to take this open invitation at heart. Listed below are the following benefits of being a Bulk Whatsapp marketing tools and software reseller.

Benefits of being a reseller

As a reseller, you will be able to enjoy the following perks:

  • Coaching calls and webinars (weekly, twice a week and monthly)
  • Access to premium training and coaching at the Reseller’s Membership area where you can learn how you can gain more customers and learn tips on reselling other Whatsapp marketing services
  • Free E-books and guides for enhancing business profits for you and your clients

Other Perks:

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Aside from the instant support that we will provide you for becoming a reseller, we will also provide you with the following materials:

  1. Email Marketing Swipe file
    This is used for selling and reselling WhatsApp Marketing service
  2. Whatsapp Marketing Templates
    This is used for running different industry campaigns
  3. Video Training
    This is a video detailing everything you need to know about how to successfully manage your WhatsApp Marketing service business

Again, allow me to emphasize: this opportunity is not open for everybody. If you are a part of a Bulk SMS Marketing company, Online Marketing Agency, and other similar advertising & marketing agencies, then this is the perfect opportunity for you! This chance, should you take it, will allow you to extend our premium whatsapp marketing services to your own clients without getting into the hassle of all the intricacies of operating, managing and understanding the technicalities of our products and services but still able to manage the Whatsapp Marketing Service!

Interested to be part of this wonderful opportunity? Fill up the form provided below and a team from our company will review your application. It usually takes about 24-48 hours before we give you an update of whether or not your application is approved.

If you have further inquiries regarding our products and services, feel free to contact us by sending an email at [email protected] and write “Reseller Program Question” on the subject line so that it would be easier for us to spot it and get back to you with the answers as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to doing business with you!

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