Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software for WhatsApp Marketing or Blasting

“With every problem, there’s a corresponding solution.” Such is true for business owners or professionals who are still struggling to find the right Whatsapp Marketing Tool to utilize for running the marketing aspect of their business. The marketing situation of any industry of business has always been highly volatile because of the ever changing dynamics and factors such as market demand, competition and technology, among others.

The rise of Whatsapp marketing opened up a whole new world of possibilities for business owners, managers, marketers and professionals who wish to tap on their multitude of prospects that can be found in various whatsapp channels. With the increasing number of Whatsapp users all over the world, the development of various Whatsapp bulk marketing software and tools is also inevitable.

If you are still one of those who are struggling to find the perfect Bulk Whatsapp Marketing software and tool for you, look no more! Introducing: the Bulk Whatsapp sender, the ultimate whatsapp marketing tool there is!

What the software can do:

  • With this software, you can now add unlimited Whatsapp numbers into the system which has the capacity to send mass messages on Whatsapp from various Whatsapp numbers in a push of few buttons.
  • You have the option to create different Whatsapp marketing campaigns to send out to different set of Whatsapp numbers
  • To safeguard your numbers from getting banned on whatsapp, the software also have the option where you could use multiple Proxy IP Addresses to ward of spam detection

Many have risen up to the challenge of competition by buying this software to improve the marketing aspect of their business. Many have claimed they are better off with it because the communication of their marketing program to their target clients or prospects had become so much easier and so much more fun. Do not let this opportunity pass you by! Multiply the earning potential of your business by taking part of this rare opportunity and enter into the wonderful world of whatsapp marketing! Fill up the form below and a friendly team member will assist you.

Wait, there’s more!

Not only do we offer you ‘Bulk Whatsapp Sender’ that is already a very good deal for you, we will also give you software that is a guaranteed welcome addition tool for marketing your products and services. This Whatsapp Blasting software is designed to collect database of numbers in your local area!

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So not only do you have a database of Whatsapp numbers because of this software, you also have the Bulk Whatsapp Sender software where you could use to send your bulk marketing campaigns on Whatsapp to these collected numbers!

Create a buzz for your business by sending out multitude of marketing campaigns to your prospect and target market through the use of ‘Whatsapp Bulk Sender‘ and the free additional software!

Both of this software goes hand in hand and a definite great Whatsapp blast tool for your business! Multiply your income potential by making use of these Whatsapp marketing tools that are geared towards making the marketing aspect of running your business a breeze!

And the best part in all of this deal is that the additional software, apart from the Bulk Whatsapp sender that you are purchasing, is absolutely FREE!

So don’t deny yourself of this wonderful and one of a kind opportunity! Look no more and contact us for a free product demonstration.

Take advantage of this rare gift offering that is guaranteed to make your life as a business owner, manager, marketer or professional easier! Fill up the missing fields in the form provided below. Send it to us and we will be happy to serve you!

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