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Whatsapp Marketer

It was during the early days of 2014 when I started adopting Whatsapp Marketing in my business. In my quest to help myself and other merchants better connect with the targeted audience; I have invested money to buy various Whatsapp Marketing Software and Solutions available online. I have tried and tested all these Whatsapp Marketing Solutions and in consequence, I lost some and made some money.

I realized then that in order to fully optimize the power of Whatsapp and help address the specific needs of every business; I need to develop my own Whatsapp Marketing Solutions such as Bulk Whatsapp Messenger and Whatsapp Bulk Sender. This proved to be one of the best decisions I have made because since then, I haven’t only noticed the substantial increase of my profits but also helped other people like you achieve higher income through Whatsapp Marketing.

The purpose of this website is to help business owners and professionals like you achieve success in your marketing campaigns through Whatsapp Marketing. To do that, I have included all materials and resources in this website so you could get started with the process of adopting Whatsapp Marketing in your business right away.

But first and foremost, you need to know what Whatsapp Marketing is and why it is the best tool available to help your business grow in size and profitability.

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Whatsapp Marketing and business

We define Whatsapp Marketing as the form of “mobile marketing that provide[s] customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods and services of a company.”

It is now the preferred choice for marketers nowadays in sending various marketing campaigns to promote company products and services.

Whatsapp Bulk Sender

Unless of course you are living under a rock, you would know that Whatsapp is the most preferred messaging application used by millions of smartphone users to connect with their family and friends around the world. To be precise, Whatsapp Users now reached 990 million as of January 2016 marking it as the most popular messaging application in the world. Also, it is now owned by Facebook as they had purchased it at the total amount of 19.3 US$ (cash and bonds) on year 2014. News of its acquisition was actually controversial since the previous owners, Jan Koum and Brian Acton, used to apply for a job at the famous social networking site company but got refused. Funny how fate sometimes works, right?

Anyway, no surprise is apparent why Whatsapp is the preferred application used by millions of Whatsapp users. Chief reason is because of its many advantages over SMS messaging. I listed the following as examples:

  1. You can compose and send Whatsapp messages that exceed 160 characters without added cost.
  2. You can compose and send Whatsapp messages to anybody in the world without paying any additional cost.
  3. You can compose and send Whatsapp messages with not only text but also image, video, audio and even Vcard and GPS or even a combination of these formats to other Whatsapp users.
  4. You can download and install WhatsApp for free in your Android; iOS, Windows Mobiles and BlackBerry phones. Usage is free for 1 year and .99 US$ for the succeeding years.

So based on the foregoing information, it is clear that Whatsapp is a powerful tool you can use to connect with other users. So if you have a business of any size, you can take advantage of Whatsapp and promote your company products and services to any Whatsapp number in any part of the world.

So what else do you need to know after knowing the definition of Whatsapp and Whatsapp Marketing? Simple. Let’s head on to the next item in the agenda.

Whatsapp Marketing and its components

It is tempting to just simply present you with our various Whatsapp Marketing Solutions such as what is listed on the subject of this article: Whatsapp Bulk Sender and tell you, “purchase this and observe your income skyrocket!” I know many other companies do. But I prefer the longer route. I aim to educate you on the many factors involving Whatsapp Marketing because as a Whatsapp Marketing Provider, I aim to provide specific solutions to your specific needs. I feel the need to protect you from making the same mistake as I did in my quest to furthering my income and growing my business.

It is easy to get caught up in the idea of easy money but frankly, it’s not as much fulfilling as becoming the chief reason why somebody’s life is changed for the better. In my aim to further help many other business owners and professionals like you, I want to be a step ahead of the other Whatsapp Marketing Providers by knowing you and your business more before I provide you the perfect Whatsapp Marketing Solution for your Whatsapp Marketing needs.

And so…

Are you looking for the best Whatsapp Marketing Solution to adapt for your business that will enable you to connect with your targeted audience better?

If yes, then you are in for a treat because not only does our company offer you a wide range of high quality Whatsapp Marketing Solutions but we will also provide you top of the line after sales support. On this website, you will gain access to the following resources:

  1. WhatsApp Marketing Software
    This is a Whatsapp Marketing Software Solution or tool that is used to send and receive new Whatsapp messages to a list of target market, identify contacts with Whatsapp application in their phones and use these contacts to run your campaigns. This solution will also enable you to edit your Whatsapp profile picture and Whatsapp status messages. Example of this software is Whatsapp Bulk Sender or Whatsapp Bulk Message Sender.
  2. WhatsApp Channels
    These are Whatsapp numbers that are pre-activated and these are used to send messages to other Whatsapp users. Also known as Whatsapp Senders, Whatsapp Channels also perform other automation activities initiated by Whatsapp Marketing Software such as such as receive messages, check active Whatsapp users through the “filter” process, and many others.
  3. WhatsApp Marketing Best Practices
    There are ways on how you could maximize the use of Whatsapp so you could get or achieve the best response on your Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns. How to do that? By following various Whatsapp Marketing best practices. This is the list of things that you need to know to build and promote goodwill between you and your target market, how you can encourage your target market to respond to your Whatsapp campaign messages, and ways on how you can promote offers and deals to generate hot leads and increase your income. Simply put, you will be guided on how to use Whatsapp Marketing so you can get the most desired benefits.
  4. WhatsApp Marketing Software Reviews & Comparison
    I will show you the different Whatsapp Marketing Software that are being distributed or used in the market nowadays. I will give their distinguishing features, benefits and many other differing factors.
  5. Other Tools & Resources
    I will provide you other recommended tools and other resources that will help optimize the success of Whatsapp Marketing for your business. I will also provide you How to Tutorials on the different Whatsapp Marketing Solutions being offered.
  6. Training & Working Guide
    I will provide you various Whatsapp Marketing Books, E-books and Guides that will train you on how to become better in applying Whatsapp Marketing in your business. These training and working guide materials will also help you on how you could build a profitable campaign using Whatsapp Marketing.

In our aim to provide Whatsapp Marketing Solutions, we don’t only provide you temporary relief by giving your substandard Bulk Whatsapp Messenger that will enable you to send mass messages to other Whatsapp Users. We will also guide you on how you could become better Whatsapp Marketers so you too could help others who wish to use Whatsapp in promoting their own company products and services.

Ultimately, we are all here not only because we want to increase our income but also improve our lifestyle. As a marketer who used to be clueless on how to go about Whatsapp Marketing, I have gone a long way. You too could be the same!

Our company, itself, aims to contribute, guide, counsel, advice you about the various Whatsapp Marketing Solutions available in the market. More importantly, our company desire to protect you from making the same mistakes as many other business owners and professionals did who had wanted to succeed in their business. Being a businessman myself, I know and feel your pain on how difficult it is to better reach clients and prospects and I am here to provide relief to that problem.

Company assurance

You can be assured that we would not only provide you high quality Whatsapp Marketing solutions such as Bulk Whatsapp Messenger and other Whatsapp Bulk Message Sender Software, we would also provide you valuable tips and advices that will give you a better understanding about Whatsapp Marketing in general.

If you are interested to know more about Whatsapp Channels, read this site:

Guide to Whatsapp Channels

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