List of WhatsApp Marketing Softwares getting used today..

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This package consisted of three different soft-wares that will enable you to send bulk Whatsapp messages from pc/desktop which promotes your company goods and services to your list of prospect and existing clients. You can leverage this Whatsapp Marketing Solution immediately and take advantage of its mobility function or reach to a wider scope of audience.

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If you are looking for a Whatsapp Marketing Solution that will ease your struggle on how you can better leverage Whatsapp Marketing in your small business, then this Whatsapp Marketing Package is for you! Through this Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Package, you now have the power of sending bulk Whatsapp messages to your list of Whatsapp contacts WITHOUT paying for additional cost! This Whatsapp Marketing Package will not only enable you to send bulk Whatsapp messages to other Whatsapp users but this solution will also provide you greater ability to control all your marketing campaigns.

Stop worrying about how to reach out to your prospects across the world. With this Whatsapp Marketing Solution, you now have the power to communicate with your massive database of Whatsapp users in the most convenient manner.

So, are you ready to find out the composition of this Whatsapp Marketing Package?

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  • Bulk WhastApp Sender Suite

Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite or Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software that has the ability to send Bulk Whatsapp Messages without limitation to any Whatsapp number located at any part of the world for free! With the use of this Bulk Whatsapp Messenger, you have the ability to customize your Whatsapp marketing campaigns with not only text messages but also messages with image, video, audio, Vcard, GPS and even a combination of these platforms to a multitude of Whatsapp users located all over the world!

With Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite, not only will you be enabled of sending Bulk Whatsapp messages to anybody across the globe but you will also be able to do so without paying for any cost!

The best part of this Whatsapp Marketing Software is its mobility function where you can use it wherever and whenever you’d like. Through this software, you can mix work with pleasure! You have the liberty to send bulk Whatsapp messages regardless of when you are at home or at the office.

  • Bulk WhatsApp Sender

This Whatsapp Marketing Software will enable you to connect to a wider set of Whatsapp users as compared to Bulk Whatsapp Sender Suite. With Bulk Whatsapp Sender, you have the ability to add unlimited Whatsapp numbers into the system which can send mass Whatsapp messages for free to other Whatsapp users. It also has a feature where you can create different campaign messages which you can program to send to different sets of Whatsapp numbers found in your database. Lastly, this Whatsapp Marketing Software comes with an option where you can use many Proxy IP Addresses which also helped safeguards your Whatsapp numbers from getting banned by Whatsapp.

Bulk Whatsapp Software will allow you to reach more Whatsapp users, send bulk Whatsapp messages to your prospect and existing clients, and helps safeguard your Whatsapp Channels from getting banned by Whatsapp!

With this Whatsapp Marketing Solution, you no longer have to worry about having to buy thousands of Whatsapp Channels all the time! With Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software, you have the liberty of sending mass messages on Whatsapp for promoting your various goods and services FREE of charge!

  • WhatsApp Panel & Bot

This is the Whatsapp Marketing Software in this package that is considered as the ultimate tool for smart marketers! Dubbed as the NINJA tool of this Whatsapp Marketing Packages, Whatsapp Panel & Bot comes with more features as compared to the first two Whatsapp marketing software.

With its Proxy feature, this Whatsapp Marketing Software enables you to send bulk Whatsapp messages from different numbers which also protects or safeguards the delivery of message and thereby also protecting your numbers from banned by Whatspp. This Whatsapp Bot is also equipped with the option where you can scan the database of numbers found in this system. After which, this tool will enable you to filter those Whatsapp numbers that can be used for messaging later. This Whatsapp Suite also gives you the capability to test your Whatsapp Marketing campaign and determine whether the number is working and can be used for messaging.

Whatsapp Panel & Bot will also enable you to segment your Whatsapp Marketing Campaign messages which results to the creation of multiple campaigns with different messages.

The features of Whatsapp Panel & Bot are as follows:

  1. Multiple Campaign Management: This Whatsapp Marketing Software enables you to segment your Whatsapp Marketing campaign messages into various parts which you can schedule to send in the future.
  2. Campaign Monitoring & Reporting: Whatsapp Panel & Bot also enables you to view the real time status of your Whatsapp Marketing campaigns and determine whether these whatsapp marketing campaigns were successfully delivered or still pending.
  3. Campaign scheduling: You have the option to “program” your various Whatsapp Marketing campaigns to be sent for the future.
  4. Other secret options: Whatsapp Panel & Bot also comes with other features that will be revealed once you purchase this software.

When you decide to avail of this Whatsapp Marketing Package, we will also provide you with additional database support for free. This additional database support is a list of contact numbers which we have filtered on our end before forwarding the same to you. You have the liberty to use this FREE database right away for your marketing campaigns.

Whatsapp Marketing and business

One of the best ways to promote your various products and services through Whatsapp Marketing is using Whatsapp Marketing tools to send mass whatsapp messages to your list of prospects or existing clients. These Whatsapp messages could be in text, image, video, audio, VCard or even a combination of these formats which will encourage them to respond.

Our Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Package that we are offering right now will enable you to compose and send bulk Whatsapp messages to your target audience for free!

One of the most effective tools to boost profits is applying Whatsapp Marketing in your business. Using the various Whatsapp Marketing Solutions available, you can connect with your prospect and existing clients as conveniently as you could.

Whatsapp Marketing is more advantageous compared to other mobile marketing tools such as SMS Messaging and email Marketing.

The biggest reason for this is that Whatsapp Marketing gives you the ability of sending bulk messages on Whatsapp that contains multiple platforms for free. Whatsapp is also the number one messaging app used that is the preferred tool by many people so that they can connect with friends and loved ones. In fact, it is more popular than Wechat, Line and many other chat messaging apps in existence nowadays as manifested in the current statistics. If you’re aiming to connect with your audience better, choose Whatsapp Marketing!

In order to earn longevity in your business; you need to work towards fostering good relationship with your clients. As communication plays a key role in this aspect, it is therefore imperative that you only invest in a Whatsapp Marketing solution that could effectively deliver its purpose. With this Bulk Whatsapp Marketing Package, you can achieve longevity and success in your business!

In order for you to send bulk Whatsapp messages; you need to have the suitable Whatsapp Marketing Software along with dependable Whatsapp Channels.

As we have learned, you needed two components before you can run an effective Whatsapp Marketing Campaign. These are:

  • Whatsapp Marketing software
    Whatsapp Marketing Software is the tool that will enable you to send bulk Whatsapp marketing messages with multiple platforms to other Whatsapp users located anywhere in the world for free. You could also use Whatsapp Marketing Software to do other functions such as filter Whatsapp numbers, edit profile of Whatsapp Channel, import Whatsapp numbers and many more.
  • Whatsapp Channels
    Whatsapp Channels are Whatsapp numbers that are pre-activated which are used to send bulk Whatsapp messages to other Whatsapp users located around the world. Whatsapp Channels, also referred as Whatsapp senders and Sender ID’s, is also used to perform other WhatsApp automation activities like receive messages, check active Whatsapp users through the “filter” process, check last seen of Whatsapp contacts in the list, and many others. These Whatsapp Channels are mostly registered online through a Whatsapp Channel generator.

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We are committed as a Whatsapp Marketing Provider by offering you our high quality and dependable Whatsapp Marketing Solutions such as Whatsapp Marketing software, Whatsapp channels, scripts and many others. Aside from that, we also provide you with INSTANT database support with every purchase of any of our Whatsapp Marketing Software.

As one of the best sources of Whatsapp Marketing Solutions, we will always work hard in maintaining our image by continually challenging ourselves to improve the quality of our Whatsapp Marketing Solutions and services. We will provide you updates for life so that you are assured that your Whatsapp Marketing Solutions will continue to be dependable for your business.

As a Whatsapp Marketing Solution Provider, we are not just focused on achieving sales but we also ensure that we had addressed your Whatsapp Marketing needs.

Our company is composed of conscientious Whatsapp Marketing experts and professionals that are all hardworking and passionate about giving the best solutions so that our clients will become successful in their campaigns.

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